Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sway me please

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Well I have done a lot of research on my check engine light and this would be the first Audi or even car on the planet to have this problem because of a Cat back exhaust. So the explanation from the mechanic does not seem plausible, eitherway car goes back in next Tuesday for service.

*Update* 1 problem resolved, the clunk from the front of the car was the sway bar, the bolt had been sheared off, interesting because I haven’t driven the car hard or had the sway bar off, however the shop has had the car apart many times.

Here is one of the responses I received from a respected company that manufactures and sells Audi performance gear, they do not make exhausts:

A cat back will NOT cause this. They are just using that because their techs are too unqualified to diagnose it properly. This is common and I would look for a more qualified dealer or shop.

Since they had the motor out there are many things they could have messed up.

As for those codes I have not seen those yet. You could very easily just have bad or plugged cats. Why was your short block replaced???? If it was from oil consumption your cats would be easily damaged.

If it idles rough and the cats aren't plugged up I would be looking at the cam tensioners if they were reused and you have no missfire codes.

Like I said they had your motor apart, it sounds like they goofed something on the reassembly.

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