Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Audi B6 S4

Audi B6 S4
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Here is an interesting email I recieved as a result of my blog:

Hello Homeychan,

I'm S T from Belgium and I'm driving B7 RS4 since I bought the car new in 2006. I was reading the topic about oil consumption and engine problems of the fsi engine and I recognized a lot of the issues.

I also have got the issues concerning excessive oil consumption which led to the replacement of the engine (I'm at the third engine now....). Today, I noticed there was again blue smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes, which means the problem has come back. That's why I began searching the internet for other owners who encountered the same situation.
Is it possible to give me more information about your case (especially since you had to get a lawyer to deal with Audi)? Could your lawyer do something for you? I ask the question because I'm seriously thinking about getting one for my case.
I thank you in advance!

Best regards,

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