Monday, October 12, 2009

New Mechanic

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Here is Loaner 9 or 10, this appears to be the only 2009 Audi A4 loaner I have ever had that has no issues with transmission or electronics, maybe they did all the software upgrades! My car is back again for them to try and fix the check engine light, except now we have a new mechanic. I hope the new mechanic is not so quick to blame everything else instead of trying to fix it.
Here’s another review of the new A4:
+Nice cup holders
+Nice electronics
+Side Assist feature
+More Headroom
+More leg room in the back
+New start button and touchless entry
+Informative in dash display
+Bang Olafsen stereo
-Cheaper interior
-Electronics have high failure rate
-Transmission clunky
-inconsistent build quality
-Doors no longer have detents or require single finger to close
-Trunk hinges are cheap looking
-Door for ashtray or accessory plug in centre console hard to open and close
-Mirrors do not fold in anymore
-Can’t figure out how to tilt mirrors down when parking, only tilt inwards
-Overall car seems to be built cheaper, does not have the same solid feel of previous model

Have a look at this case with the new CTS, while it is sad the customer had issues look at the response from GM, this is why my next car is going to be a Cadillac
Location: Michigan, United States
Month Year Odo Cost Description
Sep 2007 250 0 First odometer entry.
Sep 2007 250 0 AWD warning lamp came on. A pin was bent and fixed issue. Car had a paint run above the gas door. They wet sanded it out, but it was left with the horrible swirl marks from it.
Oct 2007 2000 0 The is a rumble coming from the rear end of the car starting at 45MPH. GM sent engineers out to do some driving with me and agreed that there is a problem and that it was not normal. They attempted to repair the car immediately by swapping parts from anot
Nov 2007 0 0 New car. GM took back defective car, now I'm in a new one.
Dec 2007 800 0 New car developed same issues as old one. GM decided to repurchase that car from me. I have since gone to a different GM product. The new CTS is an awesome car, but I can't seem to catch a break with them. It's a shame really.

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  1. Keep in mind Ryan that my dealer told me my battery failure was due to "aftermarket stero equipment". And of course their electronics "expert" had seen this "many" times before. Mysteriously, after they corrected the OnStar module breakage, my battery is back to perfect working condition. I guess the lesson is that service quality varies.