Sunday, August 29, 2010

Smoke Show Resolution?

Audi August 2010
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Another bill for the car and this was only half the repair, it may need to go back in to have the valve cover gaskets replaced if leak persists. I knew the leak was crankcase pressure related! When I was driving back from Banff the pressure in the crankcase could not vent and built up until it forced its way out the easiest spot, the rubber valve cover gaskets.

I was speaking today with a 2010 2.0 B8 A4 owner today and he was telling me that his car has 16,000km’s and has used 2 litres of oil, when he called Audi they said it was normal and not to worry! My civic, Cadillac, Mitsubishi, or Ford cars I’ve owned in the past have never required the addition of oil between oil changes. The only time I see oil consumption is when the engine has a problem.

Also another person was telling me the new A5 in Europe has very poor reliability and is known to be one of the worst. Some quick research and in North America it seems to be average to poor:

People seem to love these cars and live under the misconception they are good cars, they are great cars to drive but have poor reliability and support from Audi. Might not be so bad if Audi seemed to care about customers.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Smoke Show

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Well I haven’t blogged for a while, I have not driven the car a lot and my wife just had a baby, so I have been extremely busy. I’ve been getting some grief for not putting up any news, but in this case no news is good news..until yesterday. Took the car to Banff with my dad and uncle from Jamaica, that is one of the fastest highways in Canada on the way back to Calgary. People consistently drive over 140/kmph which is rare for Canada, people generally want to drive side by side 10 below the limit on the highway. Anyways on the way back I was in a group that included an Audi TTs, a Mustang GT, and a random Dodge ½ ton, we were all moving about 140 to 160 consistently, when suddenly my car starts billowing smoke, huge smoke and it stinks in the car. We pull over and find no evidence of a problem, no leaks, no alarms, nothing; the only thing I noted was a bit of smoke coming out of the centre of the car right at the back of the engine. This is going to be another gong-show getting these guys to troubleshoot, if this car is designed for the German Autobahn, it seems every time I drive it at high speeds it blows smoke. There is a design flaw in this car, maybe crankcase ventilation/pressurization?