Thursday, September 8, 2011

Car Fail!

Audi-reverse forward by homeychan
Audi-reverse forward, a photo by homeychan on Flickr.

Well the car is back again for service, I hate this car most of the times because it rarely runs without some type of failure. This should be the most reliable 2005 S4 since so many of the parts have been replaced, new engine, starter, battery, solenoids, relays, and so much more but it continues to fail. Do I want a car payment again or do I want to work through this in hopes this is the last time? I cannot say enough about my dealer, they have really taken good care of me, but man this car is driving me mental.
Still won’t start randomly and I have to bump it or just keep trying the switch till it starts, thinks it’s in reverse when driving forward. The last one makes traffic clear away from behind me in traffic, kinda funny.