Monday, June 6, 2011

It never ends with this car!

Towing S4 Again by homeychan
Towing S4 Again, a photo by homeychan on Flickr.

I haven’t posted for a while; I think I have just become accustomed to the car not working, seems to be on schedule that something breaks, every 3 weeks. The attached photo is a result of a flat that occurred while taking my daughter to school. One of my continental sport contact 3’s went flat and I guess that line is discontinued so I had to buy all 4. In the last few months since my last post the car needed a new crank sensor, as a result it would randomly not start. 3 weeks after that was fixed it needed a new ignition switch, again the result the car would not start. It would just leave me stranded for about 15 minutes then restart. Then just over 2 weeks later it got a flat tire. This car is possessed maybe I need an exorcist! On the positive side my dealer has been fantastic, I feel like a celebrity whenever I go to in. They have been doing there best to help me minimize some of the costs. I can’t fault them and if Audi was actually nice perhaps I would buy another one, but for now I am leaning towards a GTR – MBA or GTR, tough decision.