Monday, June 6, 2011

It never ends with this car!

Towing S4 Again by homeychan
Towing S4 Again, a photo by homeychan on Flickr.

I haven’t posted for a while; I think I have just become accustomed to the car not working, seems to be on schedule that something breaks, every 3 weeks. The attached photo is a result of a flat that occurred while taking my daughter to school. One of my continental sport contact 3’s went flat and I guess that line is discontinued so I had to buy all 4. In the last few months since my last post the car needed a new crank sensor, as a result it would randomly not start. 3 weeks after that was fixed it needed a new ignition switch, again the result the car would not start. It would just leave me stranded for about 15 minutes then restart. Then just over 2 weeks later it got a flat tire. This car is possessed maybe I need an exorcist! On the positive side my dealer has been fantastic, I feel like a celebrity whenever I go to in. They have been doing there best to help me minimize some of the costs. I can’t fault them and if Audi was actually nice perhaps I would buy another one, but for now I am leaning towards a GTR – MBA or GTR, tough decision.


  1. Get a car that makes you want to stay up at night and just stare at it. Remember its only money and life is way to short. I hope the next car you get gives you some self worth and satisfaction. You work hard man and you deserve it !!!


    1. Dale is definitely right! How's the car today? If it's still the same, I also think that it's time for you to get a new one which you will truly enjoy because you deserve better!

      Dewey Setlak

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