Monday, October 26, 2009

Bloomberg Article

B8 A4
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I came across the following article on Bloomberg written by Jason Harper: ”” reviewing the Audi S4 and R8, journalists get to review “test” cars in ideal settings and rarely get the long term experience with the vehicle. It prompted me to write the following email to the writer:
You did a great job writing that article but you neglected the fact the new Audi A series are built cheaper, the new S4 motor is $7000 less than the old 4.2. While the electronics are nicer they are inconsistent, based on the 5 loaner B8 A4's I have had in the last 8 months. You are correct and the cars are wonderful to drive with a nice personality and have and almost cult like following, but they are unreliable and the arrogance of Audi when it comes to customer service and response is pathetic. The service from Audi has been so terrible it prompted me to start a blog in hopes they would actually honour the warranty on my S4

Journalists always get to test all the new cars but nobody ever writes a follow-up on the horrors of dealing with the company on warranty or build quality issues. It seems that most newspapers are afraid to criticize the manufacturers in fear of losing advertising revenue. These are expensive cars and my expectation was superior customer service over a domestic, so far I have been wrong.

I bought my S4 because it blew me away when I drove it, however after the way Audi corporate has treated me right to the CEO level, I would never buy another one until Audi actually took responsibility and repaired my vehicle. You should try reporting a problem to Audi corporate; you get wonderful people in call centres that have no ability to help you. You are completely disconnected from anybody inside the company that can help instead deal with these people that relay your information back and forth, it is a nightmare.

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