Monday, October 19, 2009

2010 Mercedes C300

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This is a very nice car, it has a lot more electronics than the Audi and I like the interior better. I took the car for a drive and while it is missing the kick of the 2.0 it sure does everything else great. It has power telescopic steering, power headrests and a cool trunk escape system. The gauge panel offers a neat display of car information; this car even has a full touchpad so you can dial numbers on your cell through Bluetooth. The only thing I didn’t like as much about this car was the steering; it felt very “vague” as it did not have a “tight” feel to it. While looking through the trunks of the cars I noticed the Audi still has the best grocery store hooks that fold up, the Merc has hooks on the sides but not nearly as effective as the Audi’s. I also noticed that Audi took out the left side storage panel with a door in the trunk and now it just contains electronics. The Mercedes is a better car overall than the 2.0 and has way more cool stuff, I just wouldn’t want to repair it or have to pay the repair bills if it fails.
Few points:
Mercedes missing ambient lighting in back seat
Mercedes has very nice centre panel and cluster
Headlight on Mercedes are very cool and fog lights come on and off based on direction turned.
Mercedes headlights turn off after car has been running in park for an extended period of time
Mercedes has amazing brakes
Mercedes Displays Owners name on console
Mercedes has a warranty against windshield chips

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