Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some more 2009/10 B8 A4 Review

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I knew I would find something wrong with this B8 (2009/10 Audi A4)! So it seems impossible to turn off Electronic Stability Protection (ESP), you can turn off Traction Control (ASR). Now you may ask why would you want to turn any of this stuff off? For anybody that has driven in snow and ice, when you try to get across an intersection, the ASR won’t allow any wheel spin and the car essentially moves really slow, but with it disabled you can get some spin and the car actually moves. It sucks to pull out into an intersection then the car won’t go, so I usually disable it for that then turn it back on after. I’m sure all the other B8’s I have been able to turn off one or the other or both. Well disabling the ESP is just fun when the ground is all icy and you want to do some doughnuts/brodies or get all sideways.

Why won’t the mirror tilt down like on previous models when parking so I can see the curb, it just turns in so I can see the side of the car!

Side Assist has gone crazy again and just randomly flashes with nothing beside the car – Whiskey Tango Foxtrott.

Here are a couple positives – Mirrors are bigger on the B8, oh yeah I like pushing the door handle square to lock the doors instead of reaching for the remote in my pocket. Car also beeps everytime you lock it from the remote now, even if it was already locked!

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