Sunday, September 20, 2009

The saga continues...

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Well got the car back again and dealer told me they replaced one of the catalytic converter (cats) and if that does not solve the problem I am on my own. Well I got the Check Engine Light (CEL) back! When the light comes on the fuel mileage is terrible and car runs a bit rough. The same 2 CEL’s are back, P2097 and P2098, right bank too lean and left bank too rich. I am having difficulty believing that the sensors can pick up the change of exhaust after the converters. The mechanic is trying to say velocity has changed, but then it should give the same error for both sides and not say one side is too rich and the other too lean. I simply installed exhaust after the cats, this error doesn’t appear for any other car just mine.
People stop me and tell me they like my car! While I am gracious if they only knew the consistent problems I have had. This car is truly a stripper, looks great but expensive to maintain. Sad part is Audi doesn’t want to help and have left it all on the dealer. I think Audi Canada is punishing me because I have an American car and they frown on cross border shopping. I never imported this car and I never got a awesome deal on the vehicle, so in the end I am getting the shaft with this lemon.

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  1. 03/2005 Audi S4 VIN# WUARL48H25K902499 w/45,000 Miles. Having same issue with CEL and power train code P2098. When first checked, customer stated lamp monitor came on (thought a rear lamp was bad) and some 15 minutes later "lamp out warning" extinguished and CEL came on. Checked codes and scanned P0159 (O2 sensor circuit slow response - bank 2 sensor 2), and P2098 (Post catalyst fuel trim system too lean bank 2). After replacing 2 coil packs (cylinders 5 and 7), P2098 remains, but P0159 hasn't returned. --