Tuesday, September 8, 2009

B8 Audi Review, domestics Worse - NO WAY!

2005 S4
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I have 4 loaners in the last few months while my 2005 Audi B6 S4 has been in the shop. The 3 2.0T loaners I have had all had software bugs or issues with the transmission and I am consistently told the software needs to be upgraded.

Loaner 1: B8 3.2: Car worked great, was pretty fast and had a nice colour display and parking assist, doors opened when you pulled on the handle.

Loaner 2: B8 2.0T: Air conditioning did not work, had to pull door handle twice to open, the car was incredibly slow.

Loaner 3: B8 2.0T Dynamic suspension did not work and you had to pull on door knob twice for it to open, but car had good power, transmission intermittently “clunked”.

Loaner 4: B8 2.0T: Side assist worked intermittently and randomly flashed, car drove well and had way more power, transmission good and door opened on first pull.

Loaner 5: B7 2.0T: Car worked just like a car should, but didn’t have the neat features like start button and all the rest. This car did not need a software upgrade.

I would be hesitant to purchase a B8 Audi and would maybe wait till they fixed all the software glitches and improved build quality, it seems you even need a software upgrade for the tail lights on the Audi SUV after the previous software caused some problems. A friend of mine has another B8 2.0T that makes terrible noises intermittently at start-up and barely runs initially, but I am sure you can get a software upgrade for that too.

I don't think buying an Audi is a good idea.

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