Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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Back to its home away from home, the car went in on Monday to fix the outstanding and new problems. Mechanic has been very busy and unable to work on my car; I was supposed to have it back Monday evening. I have a B7 2.0 A4 with the S-Line as a loaner, this car works without any software bugs. Each 2.0 I have had has been different, this one is a slow unit with lots of turbo lag. I don’t understand why you would buy a 2.0 Audi, all you get is the name Audi and you have to pay extra. The car is very boring and not equipped with any great options, you may as well by a fully loaded domestic or Japanese model. At least you would get reliability and a higher trip level, this 2.0 does not even have a trip computer, I can’t set the display to show travel time or anything other than time and kilometres left on the tank. I am told Audi cannot keep the B8 2.0’s in stock, well I am sure there will be a lot of warranty claims in time…

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