Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Exclusivity and German Vehicles

Missing Stereo Big
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I wish I had bought the Japanese luxury car with “no soul” as the German car salesman put it. At least it would run for more than a week at a time. My Low oil light just came back on, and the car has a brand new short block right from Germany. I have a CEL that we just keep replacing parts to fix and the front end clunks now. Audi told me to pound sand and won’t honour my warranty and even took away my CPO warranty after giving it to me. While this is a stunning looking car, it is really only good for parking in my driveway, it only looks good but doesn’t actually run. I would like to compare this car to a dating a stripper, they are beautiful but boy are they expensive and high maintenance! This S4 is my stripper... I am not sure these Audi people have anything on domestics, we all just buy into the exclusivity but otherwise they fail more than most other cars. At least now I can say I have to pay $100 for Audi windshield wipers rather than $20 for our old Civic, I can even pay $500 for a Audi windshield that cracks the same as the $200 one on any other car. Today was a bad day for me and my B6 - again.

On a positive note - my car goes in to have the stereo replaced tomorrow after it was stolen in April while the car waited for warranty at the dealer.

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