Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mother Trucker!

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Wow – I thought this was finally over and the oil situation was fixed. Well today was another eye opener, at lucky 97,777km the oil light came back on! And I also heard a pronounced clunk from the front end like I did last week when the tire blew up, except this time the tires are fine. Something is broken or not connected back up properly in the front of this car. The car also gave the worst fuel mileage ever with 300km’s to a tank of fuel before the CEL came back on, the week before without the CEL the car gave over 400Km’s to a tank of fuel city driving, which is impressive. So let’s review, Check Engine Light (CEL), low oil light, clunking from the front end and poor fuel mileage.

This oil light may be within Audi standards, since this is the only car I know of that you have to add oil between services regularly, almost like an old two stroke!

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