Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Life of an Audi

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When I bought this German car I bought it thinking “it’s gotta be waaay better than a domestic!”, after all I owned a Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe that cost a fortune to maintain. I mean really European cars are far more refined, haven’t the Germans been making cars the longest? Germans tell you they had a car before the model T, so I expected the car to be incredibly refined, reliable and rawesome (couldn’t think of another “R”). Little did I know this car would spend most of its life at the service department. The build quality of the new Audi’s is appalling; I don’t know why the domestics have such a bad name. Did you know that on a Audi Q7 SUV, there is a software update for the light bulbs! To go along with the other ones I have personally encountered with the side assist and dynamic suspension. I am incredibly disappointed not just in the quality but the customer service from Audi, but it’s only a matter of time before it catches up to them... Audi 5000 for now, until my next post.

-you have to be an 80’s person to get the Audi 5000 comment, but look it up on Google, I am sure you can find out why it was used as slang in rap songs from the period.

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