Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Insurance - 04-Aug-2009

Still working on resolving my insurance issues for the stolen stereo in my car, this never ends. So it looks like the insurance company prices are considerably lower or at cost to Mobile Sounds where I originally bought the gear and had it installed. Mobile is now refusing to purchase the parts at those prices, so I have to work it out with my insurance company. I want Mobile Sounds to install the parts because they know what they are doing, I really don’t want to bring my car to Futureshop or Best Buy. I hope soon I can get my stuff installed and get the car finished.
Picked up the car from the German Car Specialists (Two Square) and the bill was less than expected only $900. AC still doesn’t work though and I am told it will cost an additional $2000 for the compressor and dryer. I am going to bring the car back to the dealer and see.
- Check Engine Light back on, hope that gets fixed tomorrow.
- Door still damaged from break-in.
- Missing some of the sound pan under the car.
- Missing bracket on seat rail.
- Missing stereo.
Nothing is easy with this car at all. The insurance adjuster is really nice, but I don’t think she has anything to do with how much I will get the shaft on my replacement parts. Seems like insurance is not to replace your stolen parts but to provide some offset to the repurchase of your stolen parts. I guess I need to get rid of my pre conceived conceptions of insurance.

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