Thursday, August 13, 2009

No, Not again!

Well I finally got my car back, new AC, new door panel, new steering wheel, new oxygen sensors – Awesome! Got a flat almost immediately and now it is going to take a week to order the tire (Conti Sport Contact 3) from the US. Looks like the Audi mechanic gets to stay, no check engine light yet.

Interestingly the 2009 2.0 A4 service loaner issues with “side assist” is a known issue and the car requires a software upgrade. That’s just odd for a company the size of Audi to put out cars with so many problems. This post is a little glum because I had the car for a few hours before it broke again, this time don’t think I can blame Audi, but I wish it would end and I could just drive instead of just paying.

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