Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to Germany - Maybe...?

Letter from Audi Canada
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Here is another meathead response from Audi, well they contradict themselves since the service records show the problem started at 41,000kms.

Well I drove a new 4 door M3 and man the thing was amazing! I brought my car to see what they would give me on a trade and they told me 15k! Holy crap, talk about taking it without lube, they wanted $71k for a used 08 with 20,000km’s on it. Wow that would be giant difference. I guess I am stuck with this car till the wheels fall off, but that could be tomorrow since one nearly fell off last week.

*UPDATE* Car is going back to the dealer on Thursday for the Check Engine Light issues, looks like the oxygen sensors did not fix the problem. I think they are going to try the catalytic converters now. I will have another loaner so we’ll see what unique problems this one has.

In my dreams I would have a 4 door M3, instead of this pile of Audi, all though it does look awesome on the road and sounds great with the exhaust, I would hope the M3 actually ran for more than 3 days at a time.


  1. Hey I had the same problem with my 2001 a6 2.7t eating and leaking oil. They kept replacing the cam seals but, it never got better. I found out that the stock seals from 2001-2006 were really bad for high power engines so I talked to a few Audi people and they told me to go to this place and I would never have a leak again.

    My leak of almost 2 years ended up being a small leak in the tensioner seal & the real leak was the camshaft end cap. The end cap is a very cheap part even from the dealership but, a very very long and hard job for the mechanic because there is almost no room to work and they have to remove a lot to get to it but, once all the seals are replaced they are so strong you never have to worry about it again. I had 420hp in my a6 so up until I used these seals I had a huge problem with oil leaks. I have since sold my a6 and got a 07 a4 3.2 with CVT with paddle shifters. No where near as fast but, a great strong engine with GREAT gas mileage (32 mpg to vegas from AZ in the summer).I have not had one problem even minor in the 3 months I've had it which you know is a miracle with audi. I know 2 people that have the new M3 and they have many issues with it so it might be worth it to find a good audi mechanic and replace all the seals at once. It's going to cost a lot but, your engine will be like new for many years afterwards.

  2. Thanks for the information, we have now solved the oil problem with a brand new engine! But now I have Check Engine Light issues possibly because of the Cats, those are going to be replaced soon too (luckily those are on warranty till 130,000kms). After they offered my $15k for my S4 on trade against a $72k M3, that idea was quickly put to rest.