Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This %$@^ just never ends!

Ok here so here is chapter 200 in the Audi S4 saga! Just got off the phone with my dealer, checking the Oxygen sensors is only about a 4 hour job and they will cover those costs because of the engine swap - that’s good news. The bad news the AC compressor is going to be a little more difficult, the Audi manual says remove engine! You would think by now my engine would be quick release... Tech is figuring out a different way to remove the AC compressor. The good news out of all this is on the forums my car has had every common failure, only two left are windows and sun roof, and those are reasonably cheap to fix compared to the thousands I’ve spent. I can see why Audi is tough on warranty, they would go bankrupt if they actually honoured all the warranty problems!
Also learned a valuable lesson on insurance, it’s a “cost offsetter” and not to be used to provide “replacement costs”. Gotta change my expectation that insurance actually pays to replace your stuff, I think they just want to pay as little as possible, after all they have margins too.
The service guy at Glenmore Audi told me the seat cover replacement books at 2.5 hours and shop rate is $130, insurance said they will pay $90 and 1 hour. I like the tactics and I will have to try that when buying insurance. :)

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