Thursday, May 21, 2009

My ViewPoint

I’m not sure how else to look at this other than Audi is trying to get out of paying for an expensive problem. My service records show the problem started at 41k in 2007 while the car was under warranty. This is a known issue with these 4.2 engines and if you do a search on the web to some of the forums, you’ll see other similar problems. An Audi S4 retails for over $70k cdn new, I think it’s a reasonable expectation that your car should work properly and the warranty should be honoured even if the parts are expensive. I am not asking for anything extra, I want what is owed to me and that’s a manufacturer’s warranty. Audi has tried everything to get out of this issue, including telling me I could have my extended CPO warranty moved to my name until the problem occurred. Once the car needed a new engine suddenly there was a policy change 28 days before my car was registered and the warranty could not be moved! If you read the service reports and my posts you’ll see that facts show the car had a problem from very early in its life.
If Audi has an issue with the dealer and how the paper work was completed why put me in the middle? Why the hassle, I love my car and fell in love with it after driving it, just too bad Audi does not believe in standing behind there products and try to point the finger at everybody else. The dealer didn’t make the defective engine, my car was regularly serviced, I didn’t cause this problem. I wanted to buy another Audi and was thinking of an RS4, but with all these problems why would I? Why would I encourage anybody else to buy one? This has been experiences dealing with Audi Canada; it seems they are too busy trying to save money rather that customer satisfaction. Can somebody tell me how with all this evidence you could legitimately refuse warranty?
To summarize:
- Car has extended warranty to 2011 and 160,000kms paid for, but in previous owner’s name.
- Problem reported at 41,000kms in 2007 while under basic manufacturers warranty.
- Engine removed twice.
- Car has been sitting with no engine for 6 weeks.
- At week 4 car was broken into and Navi unit stolen while at dealer with no engine, battery and alarm.
- Other 4.2 Audi engines have same problem with no solution.
- Audi says car out of warranty because severity of problem was discovered at 80,700Kms (700 kms over warranty).

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