Friday, May 22, 2009


Called Christopher at Audi Canada and he says my issues made it all the way to the CEO level of Audi and my case has been denied due to “missed opportunities” at the dealer level. All the executives and CEO decided that the dealer did not follow proper procedure, and I need to contact the dealer to see if they are willing to help. My car has no engine and is in numerous boxes spread across the shop! I explained the paperwork is not my issue, that’s between Audi and the dealer, not me and Audi.

Called the dealer back and they are going to see what they can do for me on the car. The dealer is willing to help me, but we need to make sure this is a permanent fix and I’m not back in a few months again.

Will have to send legal letter to Audi Canada, I am going to look into renting an advertising sign by the Audi offices...

This problem is causing me serious stress! I think I may have anxiety now or some kinda hyperventilation issue.

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