Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Been away up north in Fort McMurray for the last two days, have not heard anything from Audi or dealer again. I will follow up with the dealer next week when i am back from Salt Lake City next Tuesday.

On Monday I had a conversation with Christopher from Audi and he was not aware of the letter from Audi Canada explaining I had warranty. Seems like the warranty department doesn't know the rules that the service department is trying to force on me. He asked me to fax him the letter but I directed him to the blog, which he refused to visit, so I emailed him the link to the blog at

Here are some well wishing emails I recieved:

Sorry to hear about this shit going down with Audi Ryan. I always thought Audi was a stand up respectable company and a car I would consider buying if I had the gold coins to do it. This changed my mind about Audi and what they are all about!

They are proving they are just another corporate giant trying to screw the little guy again after they taking your hard earned cash! What a bunch of tight ass excuse making a$$holes!


"Man, I'm steering clear of Audi after your experience. It's bad enough they can't do a proper ring seal, even worse that they've left you out to dry like they have. I hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction. Good luck with it Ryan."

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