Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am off to Salt lake City today for World Superbike at Miller Motorsports park and will try to post any updates as they come in.

For today here are some more comments I recieved by email, some are entertaining:

WOW! I would never expect Audi to behave this way. Maybe because this is Audi Canada, but that should be a “non-issue” here. My Dad has an A8 for some time now (I believe he is on his second now), some other people have these cars for years too, and never heard such story, but that is in Europe, maybe this is the difenerece. I took liberty to forward to some of my friends here – you never know, maybe someone knows someone that could help.
I hope you chose your bikes better than cars now…LOL
BTW – ho’s going? Haven’t heard from you in some time.


"Ryan use the clutch more often."


Holy F dude.....

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