Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Dealer

My Dealer
This blog may seem anti Audi, but I want to comment on the outstanding job being done by my dealer so far. My dealer has been fantastic and if they sold another brand of car I would buy from them! The service guys are genuine and seem to do good work, I’ve heard some people refer to the dealer as “the stealer”, but not these guys. They have gone above and beyond on numerous occasions to date; in fact this has become a Ryan and Glenmore Audi against Audi Canada. Audi has denied me warranty because my dealer had “missed opportunities” and has pointed the finger squarely at the dealer. Problem I have with that thinking is the dealer did not build the faulty engine; all they have done is troubleshoot the issue, if the dealer misdiagnosed the problem, it doesn’t change the fact the car came off the line with a defect from Audi! So far the dealer has offered to pay for my stereo that was stolen out of my car and have provided me with a loaner; at least having them being reasonable has helped make this a little better. I will happily bring my car to the dealer for service if it ever runs again!

If the rest of Audi's dealer network is this good, I can understand how they stay in business, because it's certainly not a result of customer service from Corporate.

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