Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time Log for time wasted dealing with Audi Canada

Called Christopher through main number and call centre rep told me he was not available but would get him to call me back.
Rep called back to say Christopher not in the office today, will have to wait till tomorrow.
Advised attorney to wait on sending letter till we hear back from Audi Canada, if warranty is denied then this is only recourse.

Christopher called and left me a message saying that if I am going to pursue legal action, he needs to talk with me. I tried calling him back but he was gone for the day, rep on phone says if I pursue legal route I will have to deal with another group.
I guess attorney called Audi Canada and was asking questions about my case and how to fax letter, Audi Canada does not provide fax numbers or any information.
This call centre is a really frustrating experience; it doesn’t seem to be in place to really help people with problems, just to frustrate people until you go away.

Called Christopher through main number and call centre rep told me he was not available but would get him to call me back. He has not called back even though he said he would and I still have no direct number to him. He says he is exclusively dealing with my case but i have no way to get to him directly
Sent service history and car information to attorney just in case Audi denies warranty, attorney drafting a letter, may have to take them to small claims court. Not my preference since it will take an extended period of time and will not have a car anymore, as I imagine dealer will take back loaner.

Called Christopher but could not get him, advised by call centre he will call me back. Christopher calls back and says he has not been informed of any decision and will call me back Monday or Wednesday with more information.

Christopher the supervisor from Audi calls me back and leaves a message, I try to call him back but only have main number. Leave a message for him to call me back.

Went to dealer, service manager told me Audi is going to review issue internally and they are waiting for a decision from Audi before sending engine out for work.

Went to dealer and they said they are going to help me out of there own pockets. They are going to send engine to machine shop to find problem and re-ring. Dealer very nice, swapped my courtesy car and gave me another 2009 A4 without winter tires. Waiting for Audi to call dealer, dealer thinks car should be ready in 2 weeks.Have concern because if problem not solved how can I get warranty, need Audi to accept responsibility.

Dealer moved car inside shop for better security

Call Audi again and spoke to a very nice representative and she listened and seemed very kind. She is offering to escalate but says outcome will not change but she will try to help me.

Called Audi again they are reviewing.Got a call back from a Audi representative that says car not under warranty and I need to sort it out for myself, also say extended warranty not applicable because the policy changed. Asked what to do because car has no engine, rep told me to call dealer, not Audi Canada’s problem and she is sorry my car was broken into. Rep explained car registered Aug 29 2006 and policy allowing you to change registration changed Aug 1st 2006. Soooooo car has no warranty and I am out of luck.Treated by Audi Canada very poorly like car is worth 10 bucks and I need to deal with it myself, rep has no empathy or concern for me as a customer. Asked for manager and she reluctantly escalated my call but says manager will tell me same thing she did.

Audi Canada says car out of warranty because last repair car was brought back over 80,000kms, even though car brought in at 79k and problem documented from 41k. They are sorry for my loss of my stereo, say to contact dealer. Dealer working to find a solution, I have had a loaner for 4 weeks now, feel bad for dealer.

Called Audi help line for assistance, they say they will review the claim. Car should have extended warranty to 160,000Kms or 2011.
Dealer agreed to pay for stereo and repair damage to car.

Called Audi dealer to notify that winter tires on loaner to see if they want me to bring back car and get one with summers. Found out car has been broken into, somebody threw a piece of steel through car window and stole stereo system! Car has no engine or battery connected, has been sitting outside for 4 weeks waiting for Audi to respond. Found out from dealer Audi says car outside of warranty and have denied warranty, want dealer to pay for part themselves. Called cops and filled out police report, approximately $6k worth of stereo stolen, seat damaged, and window broken. Car now has a garbage bag for a window, really nice to have your luxury car smashed with no engine.

8-Apr-2009 Dropped my car off for warranty repair to have engine repaired under warranty because of excessive oil use. Dropped car at dealer, this is the second time motor has been out of the car. This should be a happy day since car is finally being repaired!

Audi removes engine from car again, this time takes down to bottom end and finds some internal motor issues. Audi recommends car have new short block installed, this part costs approx 12k cdn. Estimate will have car back in 2 weeks.

91,840Km’sCar back at dealer for oil use again! Dealer removed engine at request of Audi, saw lots of oil residue in cylinders, car compression tests low on 7 of 8 cylinders. Audi suggest replacing PCV valve again, cleaning engine and reassembling! Car will be back for same problem again. Dealer is trying to help me but hands are tied by Audi Canada.

Guess what oil light back on, car has taken 2 litres of oil, dealer ads 2L of oil again to car.

Low Oil light back on again, oil checked and topped up at 85,110 previously.

Brought car back to Audi to verify oil use since oil light is back on again. Car now has 6.70Kg's of oil, lost 1.7KGs of oil in 1700Kms. Changed Crankcase vent hose at Audi request.

28-July-2008 79,097Kms
Car back at Audi to verify oil problem, Audi has changed policy and oil needs to be weighed not measured dealer has weighed the oil and have to drive car for 1000K. Car has8.40Kg of oil

Car back at dealer for oil use problem again, marked dipstick and must bring car back to dealer to verify.

Oil light on again, dealer topped up by adding 1litre, light out.

Brought car back to dealer to check oil use with 51,986kms, some residue on cats that may be from tranny vent, dealer added dye to oil. Must bring car back again in 1000kms to verify.

Driving Car to Montana and oil light came on just as leaving city, advised car holds 8 litres of oil so not to worry. Added 1 litre of oil in Great Falls after about 500kms of driving (light went out), oil light came back on in Bozeman, car has oil residue all over back bumper. Added more oil to car and called dealer to schedule appointment.

Brought Car back in again because oil light is back on, told that this is within parameters of Audi for that engine. Car can use 500ml or 1/2 Quart of oil every 1000kms.

Dropped car off at Audi dealer for service and complain that car uses oil excessively; oil light comes on every 4 to 5 tanks of fuel. Car has 2 years and 40,000kms left on manufacturer’s warranty.

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