Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oil Consumption Issues.

2005 S4
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I found another Oil recent oil consumption issue on the audizine forum, this guys is just starting the proces, anyways here is the article and a link.

I received my oil consumption test results. I drove for about 400 miles and it drank 1.3qts of oil. No engine issues, no oil leaking, no blue smoke, plugs all look fine, and car doesn't seem to be down on power. They suggested a PCV valve replacement and then another oil test and I thought that was BS so I asked them to use a boroscope to check the cylinder walls. They called me back and the techs now all agree the motor needs to come out. They want to tear the motor down to find the issue. The car is under an extended warranty which requires the dealer to find the issue before they pay for it. I'm on the hook for $4k worth of engine work if they don't find anything. I talked to the Tech and he said with that amount of oil consumption he is going to find an issue so I shouldn't worry. I'm still very worried though. Crossing my fingers for now and hoping I get a new shortblock!

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