Monday, November 23, 2009

Beware of the 4 Rings of disappointment

2005 S4
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I think this is week six or seven and I still have the loaner B8 A4, I guess I can’t really complain, I have a brand new car to drive instead of my own – reminds me of a Monty Python song, always look on the bright side of life....

Last update I received from dealer was they replaced the thermostat but now the car is showing an error code originating before the catalytic converter (Pre Cat), it had only thrown error codes after the converter before (Post Cat). Mechanic was going to change oxygen sensor again, and see, he had been driving car and monitoring with scanalizer and said it was all within spec and suddenly the Check Engine Light (CEL) came on.

This is a areal long term test of this 2009 Audi 2.0 B8 A4 - At work one of our vendors asked if I would recommend an A3 or A4 for his wife the other day, here is what I said: Audi is a real driver’s car, it is fun to drive, and you can really feel the road and what the car is doing. The ergonomics of the car is very good compared to say a new Malibu (steering wheel too big). If you graded the car only on driving experience the Audi would pass with flying colours; however there are a few other categories. Technology – great ideas and tech, however highly unreliable, of all the B8’s I have had all have had some form of electronic gremlin or features not working. Build quality – great build quality for a Dodge, but not what is expected from a German luxury car, of the 5 loaners all have varied dramatically; bad A/C in one, bad transmission in another, and varied engine response in others. Audi Support – This site speaks to that, and search the forums. Audi corporate treats customers poorly, and are too arrogant to realize, sadly this is from the company that brought us the flaming non-braking gem of a car - the Audi 5000.

Hope to have my S4 back soon, in working condition.

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