Monday, October 11, 2010

Something Positive

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Well at least the attached picture was a positive part of my trip to Spokane, because the car certainly wasn’t. Just as I left Calgary the oil light came on and I had to add a litre of oil, and then as we drove through the rain the car developed a terrible vibration, it was so bad the radar detector looked like it was going to fall off the windshield. On my gas stop in Cranbrook the vibration went away and the car was smooth again, I have no idea why when I was driving in the rain the car vibrated so badly. The oil light has come back on again but it is probably within Audi spec. Every time I think this car is fixed something else goes wrong…

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  1. Ryan, could it have been water in the wheel(s)? I know that Tuner Works told me I could buy some sort of part that goes inside the wheel that funnels the water out of the lip because I always have a good amount of water sitting in the lip after a driving in the rain or washing the car.