Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Audi Kool-Aid

B8 A4
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Every now and then I post on the Audi forums to somebody who has oil consumption issues, people take this personally it seems. Seems like many just want to deny the problem because it didn't happen to them. My reply to one is below including the link to the thread on audizine.

Originally Posted by Retsujou
You do realise that at full RPM the pistons in the RS4 move faster than the ones in a Formula One engine. Don't you think that will burn some oil?

Originally Posted by homeychan
So your RS4 pistons move at over 16,000RPMs, are you saying the stroke is so short in the 4.2 it spins faster than an F1 car? Either way I'm sorry a F1 engine and our engines don't compare, pneumatic valves and an engine designed to run pinned for a few races is a lot different than a car designed to drive around on public roads. Guys don't get me wrong, I am not saying the cars suck, and I love my car when it runs. Let’s be reasonable, with a little bit of research these cars use oil, Audi says 1/2 litre every 1500km's is acceptable, but many burn more than that including mine. All I want is for Audi to acknowledge and fix the cars that do have a problem. Is that unreasonable? My car used a litre every 1200kms, the cylinders were fouled with oil and it had low compression because of the continuous excessive oil leak. It was a manufacturing fault; my problem started well within warranty but was denied in the end because Audi and the dealer had clerical issues. This a recurring issue why does everybody get so offended when it comes up?


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