Monday, December 7, 2009

No News is Good news

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Dealer called to say they are testing car now to make sure it is fully functional, I had hoped to have it back on Friday, but we had a giant snow storm and that probably delayed getting the car back. Probably is for the best since I probably would have torn off the sound pan under the car again in the deep snow. A couple positive things about the B8 A4, is the ability to turn off traction control (ASR) and Stability protection (ESP) separately, it gives you the ability to get moving with wheel spin in the deep snow, but doesn’t let the car spin-out. I noticed the ESP on this car lets it get a little more sideways than my car before cutting in to straighten the vehicle. One bad thing however is in extreme cold the centre display between the gauges freezes up and is very slow to respond.

So it is official now, I missed the entire summer with my car, and am getting back with winter wheels, hopefully next year is more positive.

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