Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All I want for Christmas is my S4 back, my S4 back...

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No news on the completed repair yet of the car, if I am lucky I will get it back for Christmas. I will try to get a print-out of the updated service records, I am not sure this blog is big enough! The longer I drive this 2009 A4 I realize that Audi has cut corners over the previous models, as discussed in previous blogs, the electronics are very unpredictable and work intermittently, but there is more. I noticed all the old 2.0, or 1.8 Turbos have dual exhaust, this car has a single exhaust with 2 tips, also the new S4 the engine actually costs $7000 less than my 4.2. The trunk hinge in the new 2009+ A/S4 is also very cheap, flimsy, and tends to break as seen here:, I am sure Audi has never heard of this problem though and it is (as usual) the customers fault. The one good thing about this car is it does have room for passengers with legs in the backseat, versus the previous amputee models.

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