Friday, March 26, 2010

Works like a car

Audi S4 B6
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I got the car back on December 23rd and it still runs! I am very excited that my car works like a car, it hasn’t needed oil, hasn’t thrown any codes, it has just run like a car should. Funny how excited I am that my car runs like a car, lowered expectations I guess after everything I have gone through. I am very thankful that my dealer helped me out and put the car back together, even though Audi told me to pound sand. I am now looking for another vehicle for my wife and until Audi Canada told me to go away it most certainly would have been an Audi, instead I am looking for a Cadillac, probably an SRX I have had my fill of German cars. I still love my car and think it sounds and looks really sexy, but I wish I never had this experience with Audi Corporate.

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