Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Report

2005 B6 S4
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I haven’t posted for awhile since getting my car back, the holidays, school and my annual trip to the consumer electronics show have all contributed. I have been driving my car now for a few weeks without any problems or check engine lights. I have noticed some difference between the 2009/10 and my 2005. The new B8 actually has some positive features, now that it’s winter the fact that the trunk pops all the way open on the new Audi is great, I keep getting my hands dirty when opening my trunk because I have to lift it up. The drawback to the new trunk design though is that the covers for the arms on the trunk break, and if you fill the trunk the arms won’t let the trunk close. While they added a benefit they took away another. I like the adjustment for the heated seats a lot better in the old Audi, it is simple to use and just involves one action (turning), unlike the new one that requires button pushing, turning and is not as intuitive. I still stand behind my statement that the previous model Audis are built better and have better overall fit and finish. Hopefully all the problems are over with the car now, if I could only find someone that knew how to bleed brakes!

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