Sunday, July 26, 2009

Build Quality

My third 2009 loaner 2.0 A4 had air conditioning and was considerably faster than the previous 2.0. It was so much faster I thought it was a 3.2! I guess the previous car had some issues, I feel sorry for whomever buys that car. The new car however also had problems, the transmission was very “lumpy” and at times I thought it was going to fall out, the button to turn off ESP also did not work, it only did “ASR/ESP on” or “ASR off”, out of the three loaners two had problems, hopefully sooner than later this all catches up with Audi. Out of the 3 cars both 2.0 had issue, the single 3.2 seemed very good and I liked it much better than the 2.0, it was quieter, less buzzy and had consistent power and good fuel mileage.

I dropped my car at a private garage to have the AC and CEL codes repaired, hopefully this is not another $2000 job. Sadly my dealer is not calling me back, maybe I'll stop in and see what is happening, I am sure the explanation is legit.

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