Thursday, July 23, 2009


The saga continues, I can’t get the dealer to phone me back for some reason, must be a good reason as they have been great to me so far. I really would like to get the AC and check engine light fixed and wrap this all up. The insurance company is in the process of finalizing the replacement stereo, it has now come in from Pioneer, but my settlement is reduced by 10% for depreciation, hope to have it all installed next weekend. The insurance representative and the guys from Mobile sounds have all been great. Seems everybody but Audi has been great, funny whenever I tell this story people are amazed at what poor customer service and disregard for the customer that exists within Audi. Odd I never thought buying a luxury car would mean poor service, I always thought you get what you pay for, not in this case. A friend of mine had a luxury car that spent most of its time in the shop too; he traded it on a Hyundai and has no problems since! I don’t know if I could buy a Hyundai though, maybe a Cadillac is in my future, support North American.

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