Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Garbage - Fitting
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This picture seems to sum up my car and my opinion of Audi Canada - Garbage.

I have not posted a lot lately, I was out of town. I am back but will be gone again this weekend.
I have been told by the dealer that the short block has arrived and the valve stem seals have been replaced in the heads. Looks like there might have been some leakage through the valve stems and now it has been fixed I hope. My insurance company is working with me to get my stereo replaced and hopefully that can all be co-ordinated so when I get the car back it is all fixed. My dealer rules!
Audi Canada is a giant pain in the butt and sadly I really despise those people. I can’t understand what I am missing to explain why they have treated me the way they have. You buy a luxury car it breaks because of a manufacturers defect, the car goes in for service several times while within the warranty period and they deny warranty. They are always vague and provide a reason that suits the situation. Bottom line Audi sucks!

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